Kickee Pants Spring 1 Pre-Sale

Spring 1 Anniversary is here!!! You can order using HALFDOWN to put half down on your order, or you can do FREESHIP and get free shipping on orders over 40 dollars. Orders placed using HALFDOWN cannot be cancelled without a 20 percent restocking fee of the order total. We have tons of toddler blankets and are going to make sure every one of our customers gets one or two.  The toddler blankets require a minimum purchase of 2 additional items per blanket to order. In order to add a toddler blanket to your cart you must have the 2 items of merchandise from any collection already loaded in your cart. WE WILL REFUND ORDERS WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES AND DO NOT MEET THE MINIMUM. We apologize, but we must make this fair for every customer who really wants a toddler and to avoid flippers from swiping all our toddlers. We know you may have lots of questions during this process, so we will be here with you all night to help you with this process. All pre-sales are considered a deposit on items we hold for you and are non refundable. We hope you choose us to order with, and please relax, take your time, and enjoy shopping!