Amber Necklaces

Baby genuine Baltic amber necklaces
In this section you can find our selection of Necklaces designed for children made with Baltic Amber beads singularly knotted and safe screw clasps in order to realize a 100% safe article.

Natural Baltic amber baby necklace. Genuine Baltic amber is the one of the oldest and most esteemed types of amber worldwide. Our baby necklaces ensure the quality and origin of this Baltic amber. They are made from fossilised tree resin. Each bead is individually knotted and the necklace fastens with a screw clasp. 
Items complies with applicable regulation on Product safety and cannot be used for teething babies under 36 months without adult supervision.

Only natural 100% authentic Baltic amber is used to make current amber necklace.

Amber (Lith. gintaras), found on the Baltic Sea shores, was and is highly treasured and is the only national gem of Lithuania. It is a fossil resin which came from the sap of several varieties of pines. It is believed, that about 60 million years ago, these pines grew in the subtropical forest in the present location of the Baltic Sea. For unknown reasons these pines produced excessive amounts of sap. The overproduction may have been nature's method of healing natural injuries caused by storms, lightning, pests and diseases, or perhaps it was caused by a sudden change of climate. Sap dropped to the forest ground, was embedded into the local sediments, compressed by the overlying deposits, and in time became fossilized.

Baltic Amber is the world's most beautiful amber. We source our amber only from Lithuania. Avoid cheap amber that comes from anywhere else, it doesn't contain the same quality properties.