Breastfeeding and Vaccines

Did you know that

Breast milk carries over 700 different types of healthy bacteria species’ to fight and ward off disease!? — HUNDREDS and hundreds! It actually houses more protection than any vaccine ever could

Breast milk kills polio according to the Inventor of the Polio Vaccine. Albert Sabin, inventor of the oral polio vaccine, did the first study on the anti-polio properties of breast milk. He infected mice with polio and then took breast milk from 71 American women and fed it to the mice. The breast milk had an 84% success rate at neutralizing polio. (Albert Sabin and Howard Fieldsteel, ‘Anti-poliomyelitic Activity of Human and Bovine Colostrum and Milk’, Journal of Pediatrics, 29 1962)

Breast milk protects against HIB and Meningitis. According to the journal of epidemiology, it can protect against HIB for up to 10 years after you have stopped breast feeding.

”For each week of breast feeding, the protection improved.”

Breast milk protects against Whooping Cough, Strep B, HIB and Meningitis! Tropical Pediatrics also found significant amounts of antibodies in breast milk to whooping cough, HIB, strep B infection and meningitis. ”Samples indicate a protective role for breast milk against the four infections of early childhood.”

Breast milk can protect against complications from Measles. Fatality from measles in third world children was REDUCED BY ONE THIRD in breast fed children, according to: 17. Lepage P. Munyakazi C, Hennart P. Breast feeding and hospital mortality in children from Rwanda. Lancet 1981;i:40911.

Breast milk protects against Rotavirus/Diarrheoa. Brazil did a study, dehydrating diarrhea (defined by the presence of a persistent skinfold plus at least two other signs of dehydration) was 6.0 times more frequent among non-breastfed infants than among exclusively breastfed infants. If a child already had diarrhoea, the risk of developing dehydration was 3.3 times greater for the nonbreastfed infant. Victora CG, Fuchs SC, Kirkwood BR, Lombardi C, Barros FC. Breastfeeding, nutritional status and other prognostic factors for dehydration among young children with diarrhoea: a casecontrol study

It can also reduce chances of cancer and cure diseases in the elderly.

As if all of these studies, the fact we produce it on our own, it makes babies grow and thrive, weren’t enough to convince you on it’s own, let me tell you how the breastfeeding and nursing relationship work in a pristine environment, stripped away from medical “guidelines”.

Baby sleeps next to mom (safely), not only does she now regulate babies breathing, but the child’s heart beat SYNCS UP with the mothers and she keeps baby’s heart beating. Being skin to skin with her babe lets her body know that the baby is around & at around 1-4am (or whatever time equated to her sleep schedule) her milk replenishes itself, restoring all of the healthy fats & nutrients.

Baby starts to nurse (and get this) the baby’s SALIVA has enzymes in it, that when touched against areola, send a message through the pituitary glands, up through the receptors of the brain, telling the brain to “let down milk”, and not only to let it down, but which KIND of milk to send. We not only produce different milk for a boy verses a girl and baby verses a toddler, BUT, if baby is sick, it sends receptors to the brain and WE produce the type of milk and antibodies, tailored to their specific illness to make that child get well.

Once the receptor is received in the brain, it then sends down customized yummy goodness through 15-30 ducts into babies body. Our bodies do not only send them milk, but high levels of oxytocin (the “feel better” hormone) to their brain. This prepares them for a LIFETIME of immunity, to a multitude of things. No, not only the duration of the nursing period, but until death. A 96yo woman was actually just studied and her mothers colostrum was STILL a part of her.

Interestingly enough, during biblical times (you know, before vaccines?) the average nursing age was from 3-7 years old. It would make sense then to me, the prime time vaccinations are given today, (from birth – 6) would have totally been unnecessary. Especially, considering the newest pubmed study, stating (in other words) that because of breastmilk’s power, you should NOT nurse after child is administered the vaccine, because it will make the vaccine LOSE ITS EFFICACY!!


From our friend, 

Tom McLachlan