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Breastfeeding and Vaccines

Did you know thatBreast milk carries over 700 different types of healthy bacteria species’ to fight and ward off disease!? — HUNDREDS and hundreds! It actually houses more protection than any vaccine ever could milk kills polio according to the Inventor of the Polio Vaccine. Albert Sabin, inventor of the oral polio vaccine, did the first study on the anti-polio properties of breast milk. He infected mice with polio and then took breast milk from 71 American women and fed it to the mice. The breast milk had an 84% success rate at neutralizing polio. (Albert Sabin and Howard Fieldsteel, ‘Anti-poliomyelitic Activity of Human and Bovine Colostrum and Milk’, Journal of Pediatrics, 29 1962)Breast milk protects against HIB and Meningitis....

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